How to create and publish shifts

This article explains how to create and publish shifts in Workfeed.

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By default, administrators and managers can create shifts in Workfeed. However, there are exceptions to the rule, more on that in the FAQ below. But first, let's see how we can create and publish shifts in Workfeed.

Creating a shift.

You can easily create shifts by clicking anywhere in the schedule. When you do this, a drop-down menu with several options will appear, including the ability to create a new shift.

The different fields of a shift:

After you create a new shift, you can specify it. For instance, you can specify which role is associated with the shift, which employee should be assigned (or none), the time span, break, and possible comments. Below you will find a brief explanation of each field:

  • A role, in the image below shown as "barista", is a way of indicating what work the person assigned to a shift will perform. You can create your roles and assign them to suitable employees.

  • The assigned employee will be the one carrying out the shift.

  • The time span refers to the start and end time of a shift.

  • The break refers to the amount of break the employee can take in this shift, you can manage break rules in the settings.

  • The comment section, shown as 💬, allows you to leave a comment on someone's shift, or for everyone working that day.

Publishing shifts:

When you create new shifts, they are not immediately visible to your employees. As long as there is a blue line next to a shift it means that it has not been published yet, which means that the shifts are only visible to administrators and managers.

You can publish all shifts within the displayed period (see screenshot) at once, or publish shifts individually. Once the shifts are published, your employees will be notified and able to view them. Should you publish an unassigned shift it will be added to the list of available shifts, you can read more about this here.

Publishing all shifts within the displayed period at once:

Clicking the blue 'publish' button at the top right of the screen will publish all shifts within the selected period at once. The number behind publish indicates how many shifts these are.

Publishing individual shifts:

To publish only a single shift you can right-click on the corresponding shift, here you will find the 'publish shift' option. When you click on this only this shift will be published.


1. Can managers create shifts?
Yes, but only in the department(s) assigned to them. Read more about the different access levels in Workfeed here.

2. Can I authorize my employees to create their own shifts?
Yes, you can. When you go to the settings (click ⚙️ at the top right) and navigate to 'schedule', you can find 'allow employees to add their own shifts' at the bottom. When you activate this setting, employees will be able to create shifts (only for themselves). The shifts they create will be sent to you for approval. Learn more about approving shifts here.

3. Can I edit published shifts?
Yes, you can. Simply click on the shift you want to edit and you will see the 'edit shift' option. When you click on this you can make changes. When you are done making the changes you can click 'save' at the bottom to save the changes and notify the assigned employee.

4. How can I unpublish shifts?
To unpublish a shift, simply right-click on the shift and copy-paste it. Once you do this you can delete the shift you wanted to unpublish.

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