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Create and edit roles.

This article explains how you can create and edit roles as an admin.

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What is a role?

A role is a way of indicating what type of work an employee is capable of performing, as well as indicating the type of work a person assigned to a shift will perform. In effect, when you assign a role to an employee, you are indicating that they are capable of performing this type of work.

How to create and edit roles:

You can create and edit roles within the department drawer.

When you click "manage departments," the department drawer, which contains all your departments and roles, opens. From here you can both create new departments and roles as well as edit existing ones.

How to create a new role:

Before you can create a new role you have to open the department in which the role should be created. After that, you can click on 'add new role' to create a new role. After clicking on 'add new role' you can give the role a name and color and assign employees to it. View how to assign roles to employees here.

How to edit a role:

When you click on a department you can manage the employees and roles in this department. To edit a role, simply select the department in which the role is located in the department drawer. From here you can click on the role you want to edit.


Can I delete roles?
Yes, you can delete roles. Under 'how to edit a role' is explained how.

Can the same role be used in different departments?
Yes, but it's important to understand that it's practically two different roles with the same name. This means if an employee should be assigned the same role across multiple departments, then you have to assign them the role in both departments.

How do I assign roles to employees?
When you open a department and click on any role you'll be able to select which employees should be assigned to the role. You can read more here

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