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Workfeed's fundamentals
Understanding the structure of Workfeed.
Understanding the structure of Workfeed.

This article walks you through the structure of Workfeed and explains the principle behind departments, roles, and employees.

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The structure of Workfeed

Your Workfeed account is divided into several layers, which are departments, roles, and employees. Each department has a dedicated schedule and contains its own set of roles and employees.


A department is a way to keep schedules and hours of different locations (or the kitchen and front staff of a restaurant) separated. Each department contains its own set of employees and roles. Employees CAN be assigned to multiple departments.

You can view how to create and edit departments here.


A role is a way of indicating what type of work an employee is capable of performing, as well as indicating the type of work a person assigned to a shift will perform. In effect, when you assign a role to an employee, you are indicating that they are capable of performing this type of work.

Roles are connected to departments, meaning that a role is present in only one department. If your setup requires an identical role in two different departments, you will need to create the same role in both departments. If an employee is assigned a role in one of the departments they are not automatically assigned the "same" role in the other department because they are essentially two different roles.

You can view how to create and edit roles here.


You can assign employees to departments and roles to indicate that they are eligible to work in a given role at that department. You can add an employee to a department by assigning them to a role in the relevant department.

You can read more about assigning departments and roles to employees here.


Can employees be assigned to multiple departments or roles?
Yes, there is no limit on the number of departments and/or roles an employee can have.

Is it possible to link different Workfeed accounts together?
Yes, you can. Please contact our support team for this purpose.

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