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In this guide, you'll learn how to add your employees to Workfeed.

Start by opening the team list in the top menu.

Here you'll see a list of all your current employees inside Workfeed. To add new employees click the blue plus icon in the top right corner.

Now you have two options. On the one hand, you can add a single user by entering their name and email. On the other hand, you can invite many employees at once, by generating an invitation link you can send to your employees.

In both scenarios, you can decide beforehand which role(s) the employee(s) should be assigned. Moreover, you can edit "required fields" in the top right corner of the invitation drawer. This means which personal data the employee must fill out when creating their profile.

Once your employees are added to Workfeed they'll appear in the team list. From here you can always edit their details etc.

Remember that employees can't access anything in Workfeed until they've received a role in a department. Read this guide to learn how to assign roles to employees.


What happens to the employees when I invite them?
If you added a single user with an email invitation they'll receive an email from Workfeed explaining that your company started using Workfeed for scheduling. In the email, there's a link to where they can complete their profile. This is where they'll fill out details such as phone number, password, and whatever you added in the required fields.

In case you invited several users at once by sending out the invitation link they'll be taken directly to the page where they fill out their details.

My employees tell me they can't access Workfeed until I approve them. What to do?
Just assign the employees one or more roles in a department and they'll get access. See this guide for how to add employees. ->

Can I add employees without giving them a role?
Yes, but for them to have access to see stuff in Workfeed they need either a role or reading access in one or more departments.

I have a lot of employees can I import them to Workfeed?
Yes, we offer Excel import for your staff. Just write us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.

Can I automate employee creation with an API?
Yes, no problem. Just be aware that the API is a part of our Pro+ package.

It says the email is already in use when I try to add an employee.
Try and add the employee with email and name at once. This should work.

My employee didn't receive the email invitation. Can I resend it?
Yes, make sure the employee checks their spam folder, just in case.
If you want to re-send the invitation simply open the employee in the team list.
Now, it should say "Awaiting user" at the top of their profile. Click the "No email received?" link and proceed to send a new invitation.

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