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Create and edit departments.

This article explains how you can create and edit departments as an admin.

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What is a department?

A department is a way to keep schedules of, say, different locations or the kitchen and front of house of a restaurant, separated. Each department contains its own set of employees and roles.

How to create and edit departments:

You can create and edit departments from the department drawer.

When you click "manage departments," the department drawer, which contains all your departments, opens. From here you can both create new departments as well as edit existing ones.

How to create a new department:

To create a new department, simply click on the blue button that says 'add new department'. After that, you can provide the department with a name and address (optional) and assign employees and roles.

How to edit a department:

When you click on a department you can manage the employees and roles of this department. To edit a department, simply click on the department in question from the department drawer. From here you can make all the necessary adjustments and delete departments.


Can I merge departments?
No, it is not possible to merge departments directly. However, it is easy to move employees from one department to another or assign employees to multiple departments.

Can I delete departments?
Yes, you can delete departments. Under 'how to edit departments' is explained how.

What is the difference between primary and secondary departments?
Each employee can be assigned a primary department once. It is possible to change an employee's primary department. Being "primary" indicates that an employee's department is their usual place of work. One or more secondary departments can be assigned when employees work there occasionally, for example.

Can I add other master data to a department?

Yes - you can add, among other things, addresses. When you do this, the weather forecast for that address will also be visible in the department's schedule.

Can I use departments for different companies with different organization number?

Yes, but you should be aware that, for example, you can only set up one payroll integration for your Workfeed account. Furthermore, settings in Workfeed apply across departments, so in some cases, it may be smarter to create two different Workfeed accounts.

Can you connect two accounts?

You can connect two Workfeed accounts so that you only need to log in once. Please contact us if you need help connecting two accounts 😊

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