How to change access levels.

Workfeed has three different access levels: employee, manager, and admin — discover what they mean and how to change someone's access level.

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The different access levels in Workfeed.

Workfeed has three different access levels: employee, manager, and administrator. Below we'll walk them through one by one.


The top level in Workfeed. An administrator can do everything from editing access levels to adding employees, setting up integrations, editing departments, etc.


A manager is more limited than an admin and must be understood to a greater extent as an employee with slightly more rights. The manager can do all the same as the employee, but can also edit the schedule and approve shift changes and meeting times for one or more departments.


The employee is limited to their own profile and as such cannot make changes to the shift schedule.

How to change access levels

  1. First, open the team list in Workfeed and select the employee you want to change the access level for.

  2. Now click edit profile in the top right corner.

  3. Click the "Access Level" option.

  4. Now you can select which access level your employee should have.

  5. Click save in the top right corner and the change is complete.


I changed someone's access level but they're still an employee, why?
The user might have to log out and in again for the change to be registered.

Can I edit specifically what an employee can do?
No, your options are limited to what's inside the current access levels.

Can managers and employees see each other's salaries?
Nope - only admins can see everyone's salary.

I don't have the option to change access levels even though I'm an admin, why?
Access levels are a part of the Pro package. In case you're using the basic package you won't have this feature. Learn how to upgrade your package here.

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