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How to let employees modify their shifts/working hours.
How to let employees modify their shifts/working hours.

Workfeed has a feature that allows your employees to suggest changes to already completed shifts — here's how it works.

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The feature works with and without the time clock and can be valuable for cases where the planned hours changed or if someone forgot to check in or out of their shift.

How to let employees request changes to their shifts

Open your settings from a computer or tablet and select the "Schedule" tab. Now toggle on the setting called "All employees to modify their working hours".

Now you're employees are able to request changes to their working hours. Let's take a look at how it looks on their side.

So the employee will select one of their previous shifts where the planned hours have passed. Furthermore, the shift can't already have been approved on your side.

Here, they click on the button "Modify working hours".

Next, they input the changes they want to request for the shift. To give some context they can write a reason behind the change as well. They finish by clicking "Save new times". Now the shift has been sent to approval on your side.

To approve the shift changes just head over to the time tracking page. This can be found by switching from "Schedule" to Time tracking" in the top left corner.

Here you'll see a blue button with changes awaiting approval. Click on it and a window with the shifts will appear.

Now you can see the shift that was modified. Hold your mouse over the 💬 icon to reveal the comment from the employee.

When you want to approve the shift, you click and highlight one of the "Scheduled" start and end fields or the "Edited" start and end fields. Finish by marking the rectangle box to the right and clicking "Approve" in the top right corner.

After your approval, the shift's hours will be updated everywhere.


I accidentally approved the wrong hours, can I change that?
Yes, just find the shift inside your schedule and edit it to the correct hours.

Can I allow a selected few employees to modify their shifts?
No, the setting impacts everyone in the account. If you want to give someone the ability to change the schedule you can consider making them a manager. Read more about our different access levels here.

Do I have to approve the shift changes?
Unless you use the time clock and have enabled "auto-approve shifts" then you have to approve the changes, yes.

Can I delegate the approval process to another person?
Yes, a person with the access level called "manager", will be able to approve changes like these. Only from the schedule though as managers can't access the time tracking page. This is due to the page containing sensitive info such as each person's wage.

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