How to use the time clock

This article explains how you can activate and use Workfeed's terminal and GPS-based time clock.

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Activating the Time Clock.

As an admin, you can activate and manage the time clock from the settings in your Workfeed account. To navigate to the time clock settings, open the settings by clicking on '⚙️' in the top right and select 'Time clock'. Here you'll be able to activate the time clock and manage its settings.

The terminal or in-app time clock?

Workfeed allows you to choose between two different time clocks, the terminal and in app time clock. Here's how they work and how they differ:

The terminal time clock.

The terminal time clock can be used on a physical device in the workplace. To use the terminal time clock, you can set up a tablet or computer on location and open the time clock with your unique time clock link and code.

When employees arrive and leave the workplace, they can check in and out at the terminal.

The in-app time clock.

The in-app time clock, also called GPS-based time clock lives inside Workfeed's employee app. Instead of letting employees check in on a physical device, the in-app time clock allows employees to check in from the Workfeed app based on their GPS location. To give an example, employees will only be able to clock in for a shift if they are present in one of the designated GPS zones.

Personalizing your time clock settings

Once the terminal or in-app time clock is activated, your employees can start checking in and out for their shifts. All clocked hours will automatically be sent to you for review. However, you can ease the review process using automation, which you can manage in the time clock settings. Also, you can manage general settings like how far in advance and after shifts employees may check in and out or whether you want your employees to check in and out for breaks.

Approving working hours.

When an employee has checked in and out and the shift is thus completed, the hours are sent to you for approval. You can manage these hours from Workfeed's time tracking overview by clicking on 'X changes awaiting approval'.

After clicking on 'X changes awaiting approval' you can manage the working hours. You will be able to see both the scheduled hours as well as the edited/checked hours. To approve the hours, simply tick ☑️ them off and click on 'Approve'.


How does the time clock work for my employees?
This article will show you how it works for your team.

Can I use the in-app and terminal time clock simultaneously?
Yes, you can activate both options and allow your employees to clock in using either method. It is also possible to have one site clock in through the terminal and another through the in-app time clock.

Can employees check in for work if they're not assigned to a shift?
No, by default they can only check in if they are assigned to a shift. However, if you enable the setting 'Allow check-in without shift' in the time clock settings, they will be able to check in without being assigned to a shift.

What happens if an employee forgets to check in or out?
If an employee forgets to check in and/or out, the clocked/edited hours will remain empty and the scheduled hours will be shown.

Can I activate the time clock for specific departments?
No, it is not possible to enable or disable the time clock for specific departments.

Why does the terminal time clock stop working?
When you are using Workfeed in the same browser as the terminal time clock, the link stops working. Therefore, we recommend opening the terminal time clock URL in an incognito browser.

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