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How to check in and out of shifts
How to check in and out of shifts
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Workfeed offers two different kinds of time clocks. One of them is running on the phone app and the other one is more of an on-site terminal.

The fundamental idea behind the time clock is to make sure that the correct attendance is registered.

In this guide, we'll go over how you as an employee should be using the time clock.

How to check in and out from the phone

Whenever it's possible to check in on your next shift you'll see the blue bar in the bottom of your screen. To proceed to check in simply click it to open the shift.

Now you see what we call the details showing of your shift. On this page, you'll see who you're working with and in case your manager left a note for you, it will be shown here as well. However, click the blue button saying "Go to time clock" to proceed.

Now we opened the check-in page. You might wonder why there's a map showing. It's quite simple. The punch clock uses your location to check if you're in the workplace or not. In other words, if you're not at work, you won't be able to check-in.

You can also write a note upon check-in. Use this to explain why you're late or why you're coming in earlier than planned.

Ready to check in? Just click the blue Botton.

Now that you've checked in you'll see that the detail showing is updated with your time of arrival. From here it's just about getting to work.

Once your shift is coming to an end, open the time clock again to check out. Depending on the company's time clock settings you might have to declare how much break you had during the shift. Just write it in the open fields.

After your shift is finished it will be shown under your previous shifts. See a gray check mark? This means the shifts haven't yet been approved. Long story short, when using the time clock a manager will approve all shifts. Once the check mark turns green it means your shift has been approved.

You can at any time click on approved or non-approved shifts to see the registered changes of the shift.

How to check in and out from the terminal time clock

If your company on the other hand uses the terminal time clock it's not much different from the GPS-time clock.

The main difference is the device you register attendance at. And of course, there's no need for a GPS-zone as the device is already located at the workplace.

Let's take a closer look at it.

Once you see the terminal time clock you'll see a list of everyone working on the day. Simply find yourself in the list and click on your name.

Now the check-in option appears. Remember you can add a comment upon check-in to communicate anything relevant to your time of arrival.

Once your shift is coming to an end you can repeat the action. Click on your name and check out of the shift. If needed you can add a comment to the check-out time.

Depending on your company's settings you might also be able to declare how much break you had during your shift.

Checking in without having a shift planned

In some cases, your company settings might allow you to check in and out without having a shift.

When you use the time clock to check in and out without having a shift planned already it's simply the time of check-in that determines the start time of the shift.

Before checking in you'll be able to set an expected end time of the shift. This is used as a backup end time to the shift in case you forget to check out.

Once you check out the check-out time will be made into the end time of the shift.

As it goes for all our time clock options the shift needs to be approved by a manager.


What happens if I forget to check in or out?
In case you forget to use the time clock the shift will still be sent to approval but without a check-in and out time. This means your manager will decide what will happen from there. In most cases, they just approve whatever the planned start and end time to shift was. But in case you need them to make any sort of change remember to write them about it!

It says I'm outside the GPS zone, but I'm at work?
This typically happens if you didn't allow Workfeed to check your location upon checking in. If you did, but still have the issue it might be due to your manager having made the GPS-zone too small. Try and ask them to make it slightly bigger.

Does the GPS time clock track my location all the time?
No worries. It only checks whether it's true or false if you're inside the GPS zone when checking it. It doesn't track you at any other time than when you try to check in and out.

Isn't there some sort of security for the terminal time clock to make sure a colleague doesn't check in for me?
Not at the moment. We figured, that if you wanted to cheat the system you would find a way. However, we will be adding a selfie-upon-check-in-and-out-feature in the future for the managers who don't like the no-security part.

I checked out too late, what do I do?
Just write your manager and let them know. You can use the chat in Workfeed for this purpose.

My manager didn't approve the correct hours for my shift, what do I do?
Share your point of view with your manager to clarify any misunderstandings.

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