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How to approve shifts from the time clock.
How to approve shifts from the time clock.

This article explains how you can approve clocked hours as a manager or admin.

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How to approve working hours.

When an employee has checked in and out and the shift is thus completed, the hours are sent to you for approval. You can manage these hours from Workfeed's time tracking overview by clicking on 'X changes awaiting approval'.

After clicking on 'X changes awaiting approval' you can manage the working hours. You will be able to see both the scheduled hours as well as the edited/checked hours. To approve the hours, simply tick ☑️ them off and click on 'Approve'.

Personalizing your time clock settings

The time clock settings allow you to ease the review process using automation. For instance, you can determine when shifts can be approved automatically. You can find the time clock settings by selecting 'Time clock' in your Workfeed settings.


Can I still edit the hours of a shift that is already approved?
Yes, you can navigate to the shift in the schedule view and edit the shift's times by clicking on the shift and selecting 'edit shift'.

What happens if an employee forgets to check in or out?
If an employee forgets to check in and/or out, the clocked/edited hours will remain empty and the scheduled hours will be shown. If the employee in question can share their arrival and departure times with you, you can adjust the times in the approval modal shown above.

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