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How to create employee contracts (employment agreements)
How to create employee contracts (employment agreements)

This article explains how you can create employee contracts, save them as templates and how you can assign them to employees.

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How to create a contract

You can create a new contract for an employee by navigating to their profile and clicking on 'Add contract'. Here you can decide whether you want to create a contract (from scratch or by selecting a template) or add a contract in PDF format.

Creating a contract from scratch

After clicking on 'Create contract', you can decide whether you want to create a contract from scratch or continue with an existing template. To create a contract from scratch, simply click on 'Create from scratch'.

From here you can start creating your contract in the text editor. You can use smart placeholders to automatically include the correct employee information (filled out by the employee themselves in their profile) in the contract instead of filling in out yourself.

Copy-pasting an existing contract

It is also possible to copy-paste the text of your existing contract template in the text editor.

Using smart placeholders

When you type '/' in the text field, you will see a list of smart placeholders appear. Smart placeholders allow you to turn a contract template into an employment contract that is ready to be signed. Workfeed automatically overwrites the smart placeholders in the contract with employee data using the details listed in the employee's profile. This ensures that the contract contains the required details like their name, position, and salary.

Dispatch the contract for signing

When the contract is ready to be send to the employee for signing, you can click 'continue' and click 'Sign and send'.

How to save a contract as a template

If you want to re-use the contract you have created in the future you can save it as a template. Simply click 'Save as template' to store the contract in your template library.

From here you can give the template a name and click 'Save contract as template'.

How to assign a contract template to an employee

If you want to assign a contract template to an employee instead of creating their contract from scratch, you can navigate to their profile → click 'Add contract' → and select 'Contract Template' instead of 'Create from scratch'. From here you can select the desired template and make adjustments if needed before dispatching it.

How to sign a contract

1. Employer

Once the contract is ready to be signed you have to confirm that you have read and accept the terms of the contract. To send it to the relevant employee, click on 'Sign and send'.

2. Employee


How can I remove a contract from an employees profile?

Open the profile of the relevant employee → click on the contract → click on 'Delete contract'.

How can I edit an existing template?

When you add a contract to an employee, you can select the template you want to edit. After you finish making changes, you can save it as a new template.

Can I retract my signature from a contract?

You can only retract your signature if the employee has not signed the contract yet. You can retract your signature at the same place as you signed it.

The moment both parties have signed the contract, the agreement is in place, meaning you can't revert the signature anymore in Workfeed.

I want to include employee information in the contract that is not available as a smart placeholder, how do I do this?

In this case, you can manually enter the details yourself after you assign the template to an employee before you dispatch and sign it.

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