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View the average tenure of your employees
View the average tenure of your employees

View the average tenure of your employees with Workfeed's retention insight.

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Are you curious how long your employees will keep working for you? Our retention feature gives you the answer.

Not only will you be able to see the average tenure of your employees across all your departments. You'll also get insight into how many days each of your employees have been working for you. These insights allow you to see how different managers are performing across departments, but also when it's time to start recruiting new people.

How it works.

If you use Workfeed's Pro or Pro+ plan, the retention feature is automatically activated and the average tenure is calculated for you in real-time.

You can find the retention data in the employee insights view, which you can access by opening the team list (click on the '👬' icon at the top right of your screen) and clicking on '📈Employee insights'.


How is the average tenure calculated?

The average tenure of an employee is calculated based on the first time they were scheduled and the last time they were scheduled. If an employee started working for you before you started using Workfeed, you can create a shift for them in Workfeed on the day they started working for your company.

What happens if an employee is deleted?

The employee will remain visible in the retention overview and their tenure will be incorporated in the overall average.

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