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How to approve a leave request.
How to approve a leave request.

This article shows how you can approve a leave request from an employee as a manager or admin.

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Where to find a leave request.

When an employee requests leave, a notification sign will pop up on the top-left of the schedule view. Click here to navigate to the request.

You can find the leave request by looking for the notification, you can open it by clicking on it.

Reviewing a leave request.

After opening the leave request, you can decide whether to approve or decline it and make adjustments (if needed).


How can my employees request leave?
Employees can request leave via the Workfeed app. Here's how it works.

My employees can't request leave, why?
Leave requests are only available if you're using Workfeed's Pro+ plan.

Can I adjust a leave request that has already been reviewed?
Yes, you can search for the leave in the calendar and make the required adjustments from there.

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