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How to request leave
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If your company is using the Pro package in Workfeed you'll be able to request leave from the app. Leave can be a holiday, sickness, or other things.

It's different from availability by being approved time off whereas availability requests are more preferences for the upcoming schedule.

In this guide, we go over how you request leave in Workfeed.

To open your leave overview click the palm icon from your home page.

Here you'll be able to filter any period and leave type and see exactly how much approved leave you have in the period. Yes, a leave request needs to be approved by a manager to be official.

To make a new leave request simply click the blue plus icon.

When completing your leave request you can define the period of your request and the leave type. Most typical is holiday leave, but it can also be you have some custom leave types in your workplace.

Finally, write a note describing anything you want the manager to read upon approving the request.

Once your leave request is approved you'll see the leave in your leave overview. Furthermore, if you have any shifts in the period of the leave they'll be marked with an emoji equivalent to the leave type.


Is shifts overlapping leave paid or unpaid?
This depends on what your manager decided + what you agreed upon. You can at any time click on a shift to see how much pay you earn from it.

Can I see how many leave days I saved up so far?
At the moment you can't see this in Workfeed. It's typically shown on your payslip, but we're planning on adding it to the app.

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