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How to keep track of your personal overtime
How to keep track of your personal overtime
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The overtime balance inside Workfeed is not automatically enabled for all employees. But in case you're one of them, here's a guide on how to follow your overtime balance.

The overtime system in Workfeed is quite simple. A manager can define standard hours per week for each employee. Afterward, the overtime balance is calculated based on whether the actual working hours are over or below the standard hours.

To see your overtime balance click on your profile picture from your home screen.

Now you'll be able to see the overtime balance. Click on it for a more detailed overview.

Now it's important to mention that when your manager assigned you the standard hours they also defined a start date for the balance. This means the date it started calculating whether you're working more or fewer hours than the standards. The period you see at the top of the overtime overview is this start date to today.

You might also be able to see some adjustments to the balance. These are made by a manager. These will typically occur if you for example had some of your overtime paid out or if you took time off using your overtime.

Clicking the blue plus icon on the overtime overview page allows you to request leave as well. The leave type called compensatory time is used for taking time off based on your overtime hours.

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