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How to create salary and overtime supplements.
How to create salary and overtime supplements.

This article explains how you can create supplements for custom salary calculations such as for evening and/or weekend hours.

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How to create a supplement.

If your employees get extra pay for working evenings or weekends, you can create a supplement for this. When you create a supplement, Workfeed automatically calculates the custom salary for a shift, meaning you don't have to. Here's how you can create a supplement:

You can manage your supplements from the time tracking settings. Open the settings by clicking on the '⚙️' icon and select 'Time tracking'. Search for 'Supplements' and click 'Open' to create or edit supplements.

When you click on the blue plus '➕' at the top right of the box, you start creating a new supplement. First of all, you can give the supplement a name. Then click on 'When' to determine when the supplement will be triggered.

Determine the supplement's trigger.

When you have clicked on 'When', you can select whether the supplement should trigger based on the time of day or overtime. When you select 'Time of day', the supplement will trigger shifts that overlap with the timespan set. If you select 'Overtime', the supplement will trigger shifts longer than the hours set.

Below that, you can determine when the supplement should trigger, e.g. when a shift overlaps with the days and timespan set. It is also possible to create supplements that trigger national holidays.

Determine what happens when the supplement triggers.

Next, you can click 'Add' to determine what should happen when the supplement is triggered. When you select '💰 Salary', the supplement will add extra pay on top of the regular hourly wage. If you select '⏰ Overtime balance', the supplement will add overtime to an employee's overtime balance.

Below you can define whether you want to multiply the pay/hours that overlap with the supplement or if you want to add a custom amount for each overlapping hour.

Determine to whom the supplement applies.

Finally, you can define which employees the supplement applies to by filtering on roles or employees. In terms of overtime supplements, only employees with an overtime balance will be eligible.

Once ready, simply click 'Save' to save the supplement. Once saved, the supplement will go into effect instantly.


Can I create multiple supplements?
Yes, you can create as many supplements as you want. Make sure to give them suitable names to make it easy to navigate through your different supplements.

Can I exclude specific employees from a supplement?
Yes, when you create/edit a supplement you can define to which employees the supplement applies by filtering on roles or employees.

Can supplements overlap each other?
Yes, they can. To give an example, if you have a supplement for evening hours and a supplement for weekend hours, a weekend shift in the evening would trigger both.

Do regular supplements work on public holidays?
No, if you want your regular weekday supplement to apply on public holidays, you need to create the same supplement and select public holidays as a trigger.

Can I see the salary calculation for a specific shift?
Yes, should you want to see how the salary for a shift is calculated, simply click on the shift to see the calculation.

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