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Introduction to the punch clock
Introduction to the punch clock

Learn everything you need to know about the punch clock.

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The punch clock is an essential feature if you want to have a better overview and control of the hours in your schedule. You can use the time clock to:

  • See who has arrived at work and who hasn't yet, in real-time from your computer or mobile.

  • Reduce your labour costs by cutting precious minutes from scheduled shifts.

  • Understand which employees often work long hours or show up late

Get started with the Punch Clock

Open settings -> Punch clock and press "Activate Punch clock"

Now the Punch Clock is activated. Now everyone is able to check-in and out of their shifts from the Workfeed app, on iPhone or Android. We recommend that you review the settings to customize the punch clock to your needs:

  • Set up GPS zones so employees can only check-in when they are actually at work.

  • Set limits on how early employees can check in before shift starts and out after the shift ends.

  • Set rules for when hours should be counted with rounding rules.

  • Set rules for when shift times should be automatically approved, so you only have to consider shifts that vary significantly from the schedule.

This is how it works for the employees:

When the employee opens their app, it will say at the bottom of the screen if they have a shift to check-in for. They can tap here to open their shift and check-in and out on it. They can also write a check-in/out note if, for example, they want to explain why they've turned up late or why they're checking out very late.

When checking out, they also have the option to enter how much break time they have taken on the shift.


Can I use Workfeed's punch clock via a terminal, for example on an iPad in the store?

It is currently not possible, we believe that with GPS zones we cover 90% of the need, but we understand the need and look forward to adding the feature in the future. If you have a unique need we would love to hear from you why your business needs a terminal.

Can you check in without having a shift scheduled?

Yes. Simply turn on the "Allow check-in without a shift" option and employees can create a shift upon check-in.

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