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Collect feedback with Shift Scores
Collect feedback with Shift Scores
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At Workfeed we believe that a feedback culture is critical for a thriving workplace. But being a busy manager, it can be hard to find time for gathering feedback. With shift scores enabled it's easy though.

The shift score asks every employee how they would rate their last shift from 1-5 while also asking them the reason behind the rating.

Every employee doesn't need to give a shift score for every shift as it can otherwise be overwhelming, but it's a good way of getting to know how your employees are feeling about work.

How to activate Shift Scores

  1. Open the employee list

  2. Click on "Employee Insights" at the top of the list

  3. Navigate to Shift scores and make sure it's enabled

  4. Now employees will have the option to share their feedback after a shift has ended

  5. All the answers will be gathered on the Employee Insights page.

How Shift scores works for employees

  1. The employee checks out of a shift or opens a previous shift

  2. In the detailed showing of the shift they see the option to rate their shift

  3. The employees rate their shifts ranging from awful to great and share the reason behind their rating


Can I compare shift scores across departments?
Yes, if you have multiple departments you can filter the shift score on departments and even roles.

Can I enable the shift score for only a selected group of employees?
No, as of now it's either for everyone or no one. But then again, employees don't need to rate every shift.

How should I use the shift score once it's collected?
There are different ways you can use it. For instance you can set a goal for each department of how high the score should be. Moreover, you can look at feedback from employees to determine which areas of your business you want to improve.

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