How to Take Extra Shifts
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Want to take some extra shifts? You can see what extra shifts are available from your home page under "Available shifts". This list contains both shifts without any people assigned to them but also shifts your colleagues are trying to get rid of.

If you see a shift you want just click on "Request shift" as shown in the picture. You will only be able to request a shift if you're not already working in the same time as the shift.

Finally, you need to confirm you want to take the shift. Depending on your company's account settings a shift request might have to be approved by a manager.


I want to take a shift, but the request shift button is not there. Why?
This is most likely because you already have a shift in the same time span. Reach out to your manager in case you need to find a solution for this.

How do I see how much I'm earning for taking a shift?
This data comes automatically when your manager assigns an hourly wage to your profile. If you want this added you should speak with your manager about it.

How do I make my shift available for colleagues to bid on?
Just click the shift from your profile followed by clicking "Give shift away" followed by clicking "Put up for sale".

I don't see the same available shifts as my colleagues, why is that?
This is most likely because you have different roles. In the examples in this article, we see two different roles; "Bartender", and "Service". These roles are assigned to the employee meaning the person is allowed to cover this type of shift. You can only bid on and see available shifts if you have the same role as the shift.

My manager says there are more available shifts than I can see in the list. Why is that?
In this case, you should try to change the data range from which you see the available shifts.

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