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To change your notifications settings open your settings from the home screen.

From here you can toggle which notifications you want to receive. Scroll down for an explanation of each notification.

Notifications explained

Chat messages
When somebody writes a message in a chat you're part of.

Your new shifts
When you're assigned new shifts in Workfeed.

Available shifts
When a new shift appears you can request

Shift cover offers on your shift
When you're trying to get rid of a shift and someone requests it.

Shift changes
When there's a change to one or more of your existing shifts. Could be a new time span, role, or a comment on the shift.

Approved or declined shift change
When you request a shift and it's pending approval from your manager or if someone bids on your shift, this notification tells you when your manager approved or declined the request.

Shift reminders
Just a friendly reminder of your next shift. Usually comes the evening before a morning shift or the morning before an evening shift.


I don't get notifications. Why?
Check if you enabled the notifications in your Workfeed settings. If this is not the issue proceed to your phone's settings under notifications and check if you allow Workfeed to send you notifications. If this is enabled proceed to check for updates on your phone. If none of these solutions worked please write us at [email protected]

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