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Synchronize shifts to your personal calendar
Synchronize shifts to your personal calendar
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Synchronizing shifts from Workfeed to your calendar is a convenient way to get access to your full calendar including both work appointments and personal events.

When synchronizing Workfeed with your calendar all updates to shifts are synched automatically. Furthermore, comments to the shifts are synched as well.

How to synchronize shifts to your calendar

Start by opening your Workfeed home screen and click on the settings menu.

Now click the button at the top of your screen saying "Sync the schedule with your calendar".

This will open the default calendar app on your phone. The subscription URL is a unique link for all of your shifts to be synched. In case you don't want to sync with the default calendar app copy this link and create a new subscription in the calendar app of your choice using the link.

If you want to continue with the default calendar app proceed by clicking the "Subscribe" button.

Now the last thing you want to do is modify the last details such as the calendar title, color, etc. Once you're satisfied confirm by clicking "Add" in the top right corner.

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