The complete Employee Filter guide.

Learn how the employee filter works, and how you can use it.

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What is the employee filter:

The employee filter is the list of employees you can find on the left side of the schedule. It is a great way to ensure that your employees are scheduled for the right amount of hours. The employee filter will help you get the complete employee overview you’ve always wanted while creating your schedule.

Adding minimum and maximum hours:

To make the best use of the filter, it is important that you add the min. and max. hours of your employees. When this is done, you can easily verify whether your employees have been assigned sufficient hours by looking at the color of the circle. You can add the min. and max. hours by navigating to the employee list, click on an employee, then edit the employee and add the hours here. Don't forget to save the changes when it's done. After you have added the min. and max. hours, you will see that the wheels, on the left side of the schedule view, will start to color when you assign employees to shifts.

How to use the employee filter:

The colours of the wheel indicate whether the hours assigned to an employee meet the required hours. The wheel gradually counts up the number of hours that must be met. The closer to the maximum number of hours, the fuller the circle will be. Furthermore, the gradual counting of the wheel is indicated by colours. When the minimum hours are not met, the wheel is coloured orange, when the hours fall between the min. and max. hours it is green, and when too many hours have been assigned it becomes red.

When you hover the mouse over an employee, you can see how many hours the employee has been assigned in relation to the maximum hours. It is important to take into account the selected date on which you display the schedule. The filter calculates the hours over the displayed period.

Check the availability of employees:

When filtering on a single employee, you can see per day if the specific employee is available to work. The day will be marked in red if the employee wants time off, in green if the employee wants to work, or in grey, if no preference has been given. Should you accidentally schedule an employee who has indicated that they want time off, this shift will be highlighted in red. Finally, the hours and salary compared to the total per day will also be highlighted in the schedule.

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