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Auto assign - Automatic scheduling
Auto assign - Automatic scheduling

Create your schedule with a click of a button

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Meet the easiest way to plan. So easy that all you have to do is check whether the schedule our algorithm puts together meets your requirements. Ever since we started Workfeed, our goal has been to automate as many processes as possible.

Not in the mood to read the guide? Just watch the video tutorial.

Our auto assign feature takes the following into account when creating the schedule:

- Availability of employees

- Min and max hours of employees

- Compliance with the 11-hour rule

Powered by a clever algorithm:

Creating a grid is sometimes like a puzzle that doesn't seem to fit. Fortunately, our algorithm can solve this better than ever before. This means it may take some time to assign, depending on the degree of difficulty, but we promise the results will be worth it!

Availability of employees:

Auto assign takes into account the availability that your employees report via the app. This ensures that there are no constant changes to the schedule and that you don't have to ask everyone about their availability. Easy, right?

Min and max hours employees

From the employee list, you can enter min and max hours of employees. This information is used by the algorithm to distribute the hours correctly. Notice how the hours are magically distributed exactly right between the employees, it just works!

Comply with the 11-hour rule

You can be sure that the 11-hour rule is respected when using auto assign. In addition, we have also added to the algorithm that a single employee never comes to work more than 3 days in a row.

Pure efficiency:

Auto assign brings brand new levels of efficiency. With one click on auto-assign, you can create the ideal schedule for your entire team, taking into account your employees' availability and their minimum and maximum hours, and then ensuring that no compliance rules are violated. With auto-assign, you get an effective method for getting the first draft of the timetable. You always have full control to make changes before publishing the schedule with your team.

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