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How to add or change an employee's wages
How to add or change an employee's wages
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This article explains how you can add or change wages to an employee as an admin.

Managing all your employees' wages from one overview.

You can manage the wages of all your employees in the time tracking settings of your Workfeed account. To navigate to the time tracking settings, open the settings by clicking on '⚙️' in the top right and select 'Time tracking'. Here you'll find 'Hourly wage'.

When you click on 'Set hourly wage', you'll be able to manage the hourly or monthly wages of all your employees.

Adding or adjusting the wage of an individual employee.

Should you wish to add or change the wages of an individual employee, you can also do this in the team list. You can navigate to the team list by clicking on the '👬' icon at the top right of your screen. Here, find the relevant employee and click on 'Edit profile'. After clicking 'Edit profile' you will find the 'Labor' tab. When you click here you will be able to add or adjust their hourly wage. Make sure to click on 'Save' in the top-right when you're ready.


Can employees see each other's wages?
No, employees can only see their own wages. Only admins can see everyone wages.

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