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Introduction for employees

An overview of the Workfeed employee app.

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As an employee, you can look forward to an easier work life with the help of the Workfeed app.

You can easily see when you have to work, change shifts with your colleagues, note your preferences and, most importantly, keep an eye on all your working hours.

This guide covers the most important features you will need in Workfeed.

Download the Workfeed app

The Workfeed app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded effortlessly. You must log in to the app using the email address and password you created when you signed up by means of the sign up link provided to you by your administrator.

If you still need to sign up, read this guide about how you can set up your Workfeed account.

Homepage of the app

From the start page, you get insight into:

  • An overview of your upcoming shifts.

  • A list of all available shifts.

  • An overview of your hours over a certain period.

  • Information from your next shift.

Upcoming shifts

Available shifts

Hours overview

Your next shift

Upcoming shifts:

Here's a list of all your upcoming shifts. You can always click on the individual shifts to see who else is working that day and if there are any messages from your admin.

If you want to change an upcoming shift, click on the shift and then on "Put shift for sale", from here your employees can now bid on your shift. Remember that the shift is still yours as long as you see it under the list of your upcoming shifts.

Available shifts:

The list of available shifts is a collection of available shifts in the schedule, but also shifts from your colleagues that are for sale. If you see the button "Bid on a shift", it means that you have the option to request one of the shifts.

Depending on your administrator's settings, such a request may need to be approved by the administrator. Otherwise, it will be approved automatically.

Overview of your hours

The total list of shifts will be displayed in your timesheet and your salary will be displayed based on the period you selected.

In this list, you can see the hours of completed shifts, but also future shifts that have been assigned to you. In other words, you can get a good overview of what you can expect to be paid for the period in question.

If you get a new shift or there is a change in an existing shift, the hours are automatically updated.

Your next shift.

At the bottom of the screen, you always have an overview of when your next shift starts.

You can click on this shift and see the details of the day. Among other things, here is an overview of:

  • The role of the shift, the period, and the department.

  • Who else is working on that day.

  • Any comments from your admin about your day or shift.

Here you can also check your shifts in and out with the clock system.

The punch clock system

If your employer has activated the punch clock system in the app, you can check in your next shift when you arrive at work.

Your administrator can set how long before the scheduled start time of your shift you can check-in.

At the same time, your administrator can also set a GPS zone where you need to be before you can check-in for the shift.

You can write a message with a statement if you check-in at a different time. The same applies when checking out of a shift.

Sell your shift

If you want to exchange your shift, you can simply click on the shift and click on "Put shift for sale" at the bottom of the screen. From here, your shift will now appear in your colleagues' list of available shifts.

You will be notified as soon as there is an offer for the shift.

Indicate availability

At the bottom of the menu, you can select the heart icon to get to the page for your availability. Here you can indicate when you are available to work.

Green wish = You have indicated that you want to work that day

White wish (default) = Indicates that you are available this day

Red wish = You have indicated that you cannot work that day

You can also create time-dependent requests if, for example, you are only available part of the day.

The calendar

In the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can also select the schedule.

This gives you an overview of the complete work schedule for each department.

Phone book

Do you want to get in touch with a colleague?

Select the telephone list at the bottom of the menu and get an overview of your colleagues. If you want to get in touch with a colleague, click on the phone and choose whether you want to send a text or call.


Under settings, you can choose which notifications you want to receive from the Workfeed app. Notifications are a pro feature, requiring your administrator to upgrade Workfeed from the free version to the pro version.

Calendar synchronization

Another function that you will find under settings is calendar synchronization. With the push of a button, all your shifts are automatically sent to your personal agenda.

You can also log in to Workfeed from your computer.

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