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How to transfer one employee's shifts to another employee.
How to transfer one employee's shifts to another employee.

This article explains how you can move all shifts from one employee to another.

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Sometimes an employee departs your company while they are already assigned to shifts in the schedule. Fortunately, as an admin, you can transfer all the shifts of this employee to another employee (their replacement for example) at once. This article will show you how to do this.

Selecting the departed employee.

Navigate to the team list by clicking on the '👬' icon at the top right of your screen. Here, find the employee who left and click on 'Edit profile'. After clicking 'Edit profile' you will see the 'Transfer shifts' option appear. When you click here you can transfer all shifts from this person to their replacement throughout your choice.

In the 'Transfer shift' view, you can manage several things before transferring shifts. For example, you can determine over what time span shifts should be transferred and whether only shifts with a particular role should be transferred. Make sure you only transfer future shifts to keep your timekeeping in order, unless you're doing this intentionally.


Is it possible to transfer shifts to multiple employees?
Yes, this is possible. However, you cannot simply assign 50% of the shifts to one employee and 50% to another. What you can do is transfer shifts within a certain period. For example, suppose there are 4 weeks of shifts to be transferred, you can transfer 2 weeks to one employee, and 2 weeks to another by adjusting the time span.

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