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How to copy-paste shifts, days, and weeks.
How to copy-paste shifts, days, and weeks.

You can easily copy-paste shifts, days, and even entire weeks in Workfeed. This article explains how you can do this in various ways.

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Copy pasting shifts.

Let's start with copy-pasting shifts. There are two ways to do this, we will explain them one by one below.

Copying-pasting shifts by right-clicking:

When you right-click on a shift in the schedule you will see the 'copy shift' option appear. When you click on this option, the shift is copied. Then right-click on the screen where you want to paste the shift and you will see the option 'paste'. When you click on this, the shift will be inserted.

Copying-pasting shifts by dragging and dropping:

The last way to copy-paste shifts is by simply dragging an unpublished shift. You can do this by holding down alt (Windows) or option (Mac) and dragging a shift to the spot where you want to paste it.

Copy-pasting entire days:

Now that we know how to copy-paste shifts, let's continue with copying-pasting entire days. This works exactly the same way as right-click copying-pasting shifts. However, instead of clicking on a shift, you want to click somewhere on a day where there is no shift. Then you click 'copy day' to copy the day. Next, click on the day where you want to paste the shifts similarly and hit 'paste'.

Copy-pasting weeks:

Finally, it is even possible to copy-paste an entire week. When you click on the three dots at the top right of the schedule you will see the option 'copy week' appear. If you click this, the week will be copied. Then when you navigate to an empty week and click on the dots again you can click 'paste week' to insert the week.

A tip on the house: should your schedule be pretty much the same weekly (in terms of staffing or number of employees per day) we recommend you save it as a template. Read more about templates here.


1. Can I copy several weeks at once?
Yes, you can do this using templates. If you set the date selection (top left of the schedule) to, say, 4 weeks and save these weeks as a template, you can insert these same 4 weeks at once over the next 4 weeks.

2. Can I reverse a copy-paste action?
No, once it is pasted you will have to delete it manually.

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