How to use templates.

This article explains how you, as a manager or admin, can create and use templates in Workfeed.

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How to create a template.

To create a template, you must first create a schedule. When the schedule is ready you can save it as a template by clicking on 'template' on the top-right of the schedule and selecting 'save as template'.

Next, you can name the template and decide whether the template should be saved with or without employees assigned to the shifts (this is only relevant when you've assigned employees to the shifts in the period you're saving as a template).

How to insert a template.

Once you have created one or more templates you can insert them over a period of your choice by clicking on 'template' and selecting 'insert template'.

After clicking 'insert template' you can determine over which period the template should be inserted, which is by default the selected date range and you can decide which one of your templates you want to use.

How to edit a template.

To edit a template, you can insert it in an empty period/ a period without shifts. From here you can make the changes and save the schedule as a new template. Optionally, you can delete the old template after this, more on that below.

How to delete a template:

To delete a template you have to press "Template" and select "Insert Template." From here, open the template drop-down menu to view all your templates. Tap the red cross located to the right of the template you want to delete.


Can a template be longer than 1 week?

Yes, you can save a template for as many weeks as you want. When saving a template, you can determine the date range you want to save — all shifts in this period will be saved in the template.

Is it easy to repeat a template?

Yes. When inserting a template, you identify which period it should cover. If this period is greater than the template, then the template will repeat itself until the selected end date.

Can I make templates with permanent staffing?

Yes, simply create the shifts and assign the permanent employees to the shifts before saving the week as a template. Remember to tick " Roles, time span, and employees" when saving the template.

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