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How to set up unpaid breaks.

This article explains how you can set up automated unpaid breaks.

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Setting up unpaid breaks.

If you want to deduct breaks based on the number of hours your employees are working you can enable unpaid breaks. Once you've configured the unpaid breaks, Workfeed automatically deducts the break time from the total time of the shift. Here's how you can set up unpaid breaks:

You can manage unpaid breaks from the time tracking settings. Open the settings by clicking on the '⚙️' icon and select 'Time tracking'. Search for 'Unpaid breaks' and click 'Set' to enable unpaid breaks.

Once you click on 'Set' on the right edge of the box, you start configuring your unpaid breaks. First of all, you want to determine how much break time an employee gets when the number of hours below is worked, 15 minutes for instance. Then you can determine below how many hours an employee has to work to earn the 15-minute break, for hours for example.

Based on these rules, an employee would receive a 15-minute break each time they work 4 hours. In the same case, a 30-minute break would be deducted from an 8-hour shift.


Can my employees change their break time?

Yes, if you enable 'Allow employees to edit their break' they can adjust their break time. The adjusted time will be sent by you for approval. Similarly, you're employees can also adjust their break time when clocking out of their shift.

Can I adjust the break time for a specific shift?

Yes, when you edit a shift you can adjust the break time.

Can my employees clock in and out for breaks with the time clock?

Yes, you can enable the setting 'Check in and out of breaks during the shift' to let employees clock in and out of breaks using the time clock.

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