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See previous shifts and earnings
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If you want to access your previous shifts and earnings in Workfeed head to your homepage and click on the progress bar showing your earnings for the current pay period.

Now you have the option to select any date range to show all of your previous shifts in this period. Moreover, you'll also be able to see how much you've earned doing this period. Remember all earnings are pre taxes.

When clicking on your earning you'll also see a breakdown of them. This means you can see how much of it is base salary and how much is made out of supplements.


Are my earnings pre-tax?
Yes, they are.

What if my pay slip shows different earnings and hours than my Workfeed account?
Remember to check for the right pay period. If that isn't the issue proceed to discuss the matter with your manager. There might have been an error.

I can't see how much I've earned. I only see hours. Why?
This is because your manager hasn't added a wage to your profile. Just ask them to add it.

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