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It's important to understand the difference between submitting Availability and Time Off

  • Availability: This is like telling your boss when you can't work because you have other things to do, like school or another job. Imagine saying, "I can't work on Mondays because I have soccer practice."

  • Time Off: This is when you ask for a special break, like a holiday or a day off for your birthday. It's like asking, "Can I have next Friday off to go on a family trip?" See this guide to learn how to request time off

How to share your availability

  1. Click the ♥️ icon in the menu

  2. Now you see a full month

  3. Click on any day to indicate your availability 👍 = I want to work 👎= I don't want to work

Bonus tip:
If you want to make your availability more specific to the time of the day then click the blue watch icon appearing when entering your preference.


How is my availability presented to my manager?
When you enter your preferences it will be visible to your manager when he or she is deciding who to assign to shifts. Furthermore, the manager gets a warning if they try to schedule you on a day when you asked not to work.

Can I set recurring availability?
No not at the moment, but it's something we want to add in the future!

Do I get shifts on days where I haven't set any preference?
Yes, you might. The best way to make sure you get the shifts of your preference is to keep your availability updated.

Am I guaranteed a day off if I indicate I can't work?
As a supplier of the software, we can't guarantee that your preferences are always met. At the end of the day, it depends on your shift manager and how your workplace is operated.

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