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Everything you need to know - Whistleblower
Everything you need to know - Whistleblower

This guide tells you everything you need to know as a trustee working with Whistleblower by Workfeed.

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Welcome to Whistleblower by Workfeed! We've created this guide to ensure a smooth start.

Creating a whistleblower policy

First, we start by creating your organization's whistleblower policy. With Workfeed, this is easy. All you have to do is create an account and the policy is created for you — automatically. You can access the policy at all times within your Workfeed account by clicking on 'All you need to know' and 'Review policy'.

Employees can access the same policy via your organization's reporting link.

Sharing the reporting link in your organization

To become whistleblower-compliant, all you need to do is ensure easy access to your organization's unique reporting link. You can find your unique link within your Workfeed account by clicking on 'All you need to know'.

Receiving and handling incidents.

Once an incident is submitted you will receive a notification about it by email. You can find all incidents, new and old, in the inbox, sorted by deadlines.

To handle an incident, simply click on it. From here you can read the content and communicate with the whistleblower to handle the matter. Once the matter is resolved, you can close the case by clicking on 'Close case' in the chat field of the case in question.


I want to add a trustee, how do I do that?

Simply contact us and we will add the person for you.

Can I edit the whistleblower policy?

No, we will keep it updated for you automatically. For example, when a new trustee has been added, they will automatically be added to your policy.

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