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How to upload and sign employment contracts
How to upload and sign employment contracts
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Workfeed can store your employee's employment contracts so you don't have to think about where it is. Furthermore, you can also sign contracts directly in Workfeed. In this guide, we go over how it works.

How to upload and sign a contract

To upload a contract to an employee you simply open the person in the employee list and click the contract field.

Now, you have the option to upload any contract in a PDF format.

Finally, you can sign the contract here and now. In case the contract is already signed you can mark this as well.

Once you finished signing the contract it's time for the employee to do the same. Keep reading to learn how it works on their side.

How employees sign their employment contract

If there's a contract ready for signature the employee will see a little notification icon next to their profile picture on their home screen.

Now they'll see the Contract field with a pending contract. They click it to proceed to the signature.

Now they're able to read through the contract and sign it. Their signature is registered by them confirming to have read the terms of the contract before clicking the blue button.

Now the contract is signed and stored on their profile. At any time both you and the employee can open the signed contract.


What do I do with employees who already had a signed contract before we started using Workfeed?
You can upload the signed contract and mark it as already signed.

Will Workfeed be able to generate contracts automatically in the future?
That's the plan!

Is the schedule able to read the employee contract in terms of rules?
Not at the moment. The day we start generating contracts we'll make sure the schedule will automatically fulfill the terms written in it.

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