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How to operate a rotating schedule with Workfeed.
How to operate a rotating schedule with Workfeed.

This article explains how you can operate a rotating schedule with Workfeed.

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What is a rotating schedule?

In short, a rotating schedule is a fixed work schedule where employees rotate through a series of predetermined shifts. For example: a 2-week rotating schedule in which a team works day shifts in week 1 and night shifts in week 2.

Operating a rotating schedule with Workfeed.

Operating a rotating schedule with Workfeed is very simple. Since the schedule is fixed, you only have to create it once from scratch and save it as a template. This template can be inserted over a period of your choice with the click of a button.

Creating the rotating schedule template.

Depending on the duration of your rotating schedule (number of weeks), you want to start by determining the appropriate date selection over which the template should be created.

Once you have determined the date selection, you can create the shifts and assign employees. Once the schedule is created we can save it as a template by clicking on 'Template' and 'Save as template' at the top right of the schedule. Make sure to verify the date selection and that 'Roles, time span, and employees' is selected, as this will ensure that the employees are also saved in the template.

Inserting the rotating schedule template over a period of choice.

Once the template is created you can insert it into upcoming weeks or months to run the schedule forward without any effort. Simply navigate to a date selection that doesn't contain any shifts yet (double-check this to avoid overlapping shifts) and insert the template there.

You can insert the template by clicking on 'Template' and 'Insert template'. From here you can verify the date selection and choose the correct template (should you have more than one) before clicking 'Insert selected template'.


There is a change in my rotating schedule, how do I adjust the template?
To "customize" a template, navigate to an empty period corresponding to the length of the template. Here you can insert the template and make the adjustments. When the adjustments are done you can save the period as a new template and delete the old template if necessary.

One of my employees left and I hired a replacement, how do I switch them in the schedule and my template?
You can transfer all shifts of a departed employee to their replacement at once, here's how: Navigate to the team list by clicking on the '👬' icon at the top right. Here, find the employee who left and click on 'Edit profile'. You will see the 'Transfer shifts' option appear. When you click this you can transfer all shifts from this person to their replacement over a period of your choice. Make sure you only transfer future shifts to keep your timekeeping in order. You can update the template by following the above-mentioned steps.

How do I delete an old template?
Click on 'Template' and 'Insert template'. In the list where you choose a template, you'll notice a red '❌' icon. If you click on the icon, the template will be deleted. Be aware that a template can not be recovered after it's deleted.

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