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Managing your Workfeed subscription
Refer a friend to Workfeed - get 10% off.
Refer a friend to Workfeed - get 10% off.

Refer another company to Workfeed and get 10% discount on your own subscription - all the way to free access.

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Meet Workfeed‘s referral program! It allows any Workfeed user to refer Workfeed to other companies. Here's some practical information on how it works, the reward, and the conditions.

How it works

The referrer (Workfeed user who refers Workfeed to another similar company) has access to their unique referral link in the settings section (settings - upgrade) of the desktop app. Here the referrer can click on the 'refer a company' button to copy the referral link and share it directly via an app of choice (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, etc.). Another way to submit a referral is through the contact form at


The referral program offers a two-sided reward: one for the referrer and one for the referred company.

Firstly, the referred company gets the first two months of Workfeed Pro completely free. Secondly, the referrer gets a 10% discount on their Workfeed subscription when the referred company starts using Workfeed.

Terms and conditions

  • The referred company must purchase a Pro subscription with at least 5 employees.

  • The referred company must commit to Workfeed for at least 6 months.

  • If multiple people refer the same business to Workfeed and that business begins using Workfeed, only the first person to refer that business will receive the reward.

  • A person can refer as many companies as they like. After 10 successful referrals, you get a 100% discount and therefore free access to Workfeed.

  • To refer another company, a person must be a current user of Workfeed.

  • The company you refer can't be a company you work for, manage or own.

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