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The complete Leave Management guide.
The complete Leave Management guide.
Learn how leave management works, and how you can use it
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What is leave management?

The leave management feature enables you to keep track of your employees' leave at all times. You can easily add if someone is going on holiday or is ill and this will automatically be displayed in your schedule.

From now on you can:

  • Easily create holiday leave or sickness on any employee

  • Enjoy an easy to understand overview of all leave in your very own calendar

  • Get an overview of an employee leave in the schedule by highlighting them with the employee filter

  • Easily identify conflicting shifts in the schedule and in time tracking

How to add leave:

Navigate to the 'calendar' view and click on the day on which you want to add leave. From here you can select the dates on which the leave applies, determine the type of leave, and assign the relevant person. Once you have done this click 'add leave' to add the leave.

The display of leave in the schedule:

All scheduled leave is displayed in the calendar as shown below.

Highlight leave by using the employee filter:

In the schedule overview, you can use the employee filter to see if an employee is on leave, allowing you to easily take this into account when creating the schedule.

The display of conflicting shifts in the schedule:

When you've added leave, but someone on leave is still assigned to a shift, it will be highlighted in the schedule with an emoji corresponding to the type of leave:

We hope the guide has answered your questions. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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